Discord Bot - Tanki Online

To change the bots language, use "/locale" command

Command Parameters Description
buy <amount> Buy containers for crystals.
claim <code> Claim the dropped goldbox using a code.
container <mention> - optional Check your container status.
create <title> <image> <color> - optional Create your own container.
drop Drop a goldbox in current chat, then one person can collect it.
give <mention> <amount> - optional Gift your containers to someone else.
help Get some helpful information about the bot.
hide <username> <username2> - sometimes optional Hide your nickname if you are Patreon subscriber.
invite Get the invite link for the bot to add it to other servers.
locale Change the language of this bot.
me <mention> - optional Check your discord tanki profile (not real game stats).
new <username> Find the new nickname of a player (only works in the development server).
open Try your luck by opening container.
ping Check the ping of the bot.
ratings <username> View overall profile of TankiOnline user.
stats View some information about the bot.
supplies <username> View the amount of used supplies.
top <username> View position of particular user in various ratings.
vlog Get the latest TankiOnline V-log episode.
weekly <username> View the weekly rating of Tanki Online user.
whois <username> View old nicknames of an user.