Discord Bot - Tanki Online

Default prefix for all of the commands is "!"

To change bots language to RU or EN, use "!locale" command

Command Aliases Usage Description
prefix - prefix <new prefix> - optionally View or change the prefix for bot commands.
ping - - Check the ping status of the bot.
invite - - Get the invite link for the bot to add it to other servers.
help commands, faq help <command name> List of all commands or info about a specific command.
me - me <@mention user> Check your discord tanki profile (not real game stats).
stats - - View some information about bot.
ratings rating, profile ratings <username> View overall profile of TankiOnline user.
container containers, open container <open> or container <@mention> Try your luck by opening container.
supplies drugs, drug, suplies supplies <username> View the amount of used supplies.
vlog - - Get the latest TankiOnline V-log episode.
weekly week weekly <username> View weekly rating of TankiOnline user.
gold drop, dropgold, golddrop - Drop a goldbox in current chat, then one person can collect it.
give gift give <@mention user> <amount of containers> Gift your containers to someone else.
locale language, lang, loc locale <en> or locale <ru> Change default language of this bot.
whois who, whos whois <username> View old nicknames of user.
news announcements, announcement, posts, subscribe <name of the channel> or <none> - to remove news channel. Tanki news will be sent to the channel of your choice.