API for Tanki Online user TOP


Required parameters
Parameter Desciption
type A type of TOP, see the list of available types below

Example request for TOP mines:

JSON response (returns ordered JSON list):
        "type": "minesUsed",
        "result": [
                        "username": "CashOut",
                        "minesUsed": 5594859
                        "username": "Know",
                        "minesUsed": 4549219
                        "username": "AK-47",
                        "minesUsed": 4171782


                        "username": "Lxon",
                        "minesUsed": 350047
                        "username": "Stay.Good",
                        "minesUsed": 345400

List of available TOP types:
Type Description
mines Mines Used
kills Kills
deaths Deaths
earnedcrystals Crystals Earned
score Score Earnedd
caughtgolds Caught Golds
droppedgolds Dropped Golds
speedboost Speed Boosts Used
doubledamage Double Damage Used
doublearmor Double Armor Used
repairkit Repair Kits Used
batteries Batteries Used"
timeplayed Total Time Played